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Out of East Baton Rouge Parish, an artist of many Fashions. Painter, Writer, Bboy, Street-Preacher turned Philosopher. Inspired by all genres and working with different musicians for an organic live performance while expressing a passion for digital production in other settings. Showing an affinity for all aspects of a performance "Squirrel" is closely involved with stage design and visual effects for SQRL events. Forever searching for the truest blends and tracking down all the sounds and meanings heard in the soul. "To be a light in the dark" is considered as Manifesto for SQRL. As too much of the graffiti done in the "SQRLove fashion" has been to beautify and encourage surroundings of homeless Shanty towns. Writing thought-provoking poetry to recite or perform with intention to uplift or raise the awareness of distraught addicts in drug infested crime syndicates. Mother raised in an Italian mafia gangster style community and Father coming from a third world country, Peru, had various cultural differences to the surrounding environments. "To have a voice one must have a purpose from which they speak. 




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